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The Hunger is a ready-to-go, detailed Dread campaign that’s set in 1870s Great Lakes America and features a Wendigo- a scary ghoul from Cree and other regional indigenous legends.  This file includes:

  • Visual/style heavy pdf.  I didn’t design it to be used as a presentation per se, but it looks good enough that you could.
  • Three act based narrative foundation with a good balance of guiding structure and flexibility to keep the game open ended.
  • A section on the cultural lore.
  • 6 characters that can be trimmed as you please to fit your game group size + premade character sheets for all.
  • 2 optional rules

This is a prebuilt scenario for the tabletop rpg Dread.  The only physical item required to play Dread is a Jenga tower and some friends.   You can find the first volume here and the second, Halloween-themed volume here!


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I played this scenario with some friends at Halloween and we had a blast! Wore costumes, added sound effects-- the works!! 


Holy cow thank you so much for sharing!  This was amazing to watch I'm so glad y'all had fun with it!  Definitely let us know if you plan on doing any of the other scenarios too!

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I just ran this scenario and my players and I loved it! Very tense! Thank you so much for making this free!

I MADE A DOC WITH SOME ADD-ONS AND TIPS FOR THIS SCENERIO: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IDm6JPYlsqJU55e8JWtoR-6OFvkfvCQdeuczFoQfyi0/edit?usp=sharing

This includes a marked map, a creepy Wendigo drawing for the players to find, sound fx, a gm sheet, some extra questions I added to a few questionnaires, and more!

I spent a longer time than usual prepping this scenario, and a lot of the extra effort I put in seemed to pay off, so I've compiled the work I did into this document for anyone else who wants to run this scenario!

Thanks again Lost Dutchman!

EDIT: There was an issue with the link. It should be fixed now


Hey, thanks so much, I'm happy to hear it!  Also DOUBLE THANKS for posting your content too!!  I'm going to check it out immediately