DREADFUL - 3 Campaign Dread Supplement

Boy, have I got a Halloween treat for you.  

This month, I wrote a hefty bundle of horror-themed campaigns for Dread that will deliver an ideal game night full of tension and, well, dread.  Inside this volume, you'll find three unique games chock full of aesthetically-pleasing layouts and a wealth of information to run a complete, cohesive story or to serve as a springboard for your own imagination.  My other Dread supplements- The Hunger, Feet of the Salish Sea, and A Thousand Enemies, always have consistent downloads and it inspired me to put together DREADFUL as a kind of bigger, better version with more detail and more visual elements.  If you liked my other campaigns, DREADFUL is sure to not only deliver lots of spooky scary roleplay goodness.

Each campaign has its own unique identity, banking on different tropes found in a variety of horror media.  The Beacon Killer is every bit a slasher flick from the early 90s, featuring an implacable killer, a derelict town, and a bunch of college kids embroiled in a bloody mystery.  Hellhouse of Folly Hill, conversely, is a tense ghost story rife with cruel tragedy, creepy occult happenings, and many opportunities to say "I've got a bad feeling about this..."  Running with the Devil features a monster/cryptid close to my heart, the Jersey Devil.  Chase unsettling rumors as failing vloggers deep into the Pine Barrens to try and salvage your channel.  Hinging on terrifying realizations and monster encounters, this narrative pivots on a hard choices and blind trust to deliver thrills.  Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think!

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