How quickly can you read numbers in Japanese?

A quick game to help you practice numbers in Japanese.  Kazoete 数えて means count in Japanese, its conjugated tithe the te form making it a command, it may not be polite but are you going to just sit there and ignore my command, get counting already!

Kazoete gives you a random number and 6 possible answers. You need to get 20 correct to complete the game, every time you get one wrong the timer goes up. 

This was made as part of a game jam, because of the limited time there are some errors especially in how my scrip translates the numbers into Hiragana and Romanji. It gets the Kanji right but when there's an exception to the main reading it does not handle the exception at all.  Example:

My Code: 一千 いちせん IchiSen

Correct:一千 いっせん Issen

Source Code available here:

Ludum Dare 42 -

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
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Made withUnity
Tagscounting, hiragana, japanese, kanji, language-learning, Ludum Dare 42, romanji, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
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Kazoete(Linux).tar 57 MB
Kazoete(Win).zip 23 MB

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This was a pretty neat way to test myself 


I'm glad you found it useful


I am Japanese gamer. 

Endress mode is Freeze...


This is really cool, thanks so much for posting a video!