Post Jam Version

I made some pretty significant changes to the game aspects of Kazoete. Rather than doing a poor job of teaching how to count it will be a tool to help people that are already learning Japanese practice their number recognition. 

I changed the score from being the number you got right before failing 3 times, to the amount of time it took you to get 20 right. Each time you make an incorrect guess the timer jumps up 5 seconds. I hope that this high score incentives people to try and read the numbers faster. 

Given the extremely limited utility of this application this will be the last update it gets. I am considering making a Japanese language learning program but it would need to be so different from this that its better to start from scratch. 


Kazoete(Linux).tar 57 MB
Sep 03, 2018
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Sep 03, 2018
Kazoete(Win).zip 23 MB
Sep 03, 2018

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