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This second volume of Monster Roster is a complete and highly detailed manual of 15 unique and interesting monsters for your Dungeon World games. 

Each creature was inspired by the real life legends of culture that make their home in the frozen north-  with myths from Inuit, Slavic, Russian, Athabaskan, and Scandinavian tales + more.  Each entry includes stats, moves, detailed lore, instincts, and origin culture, plus a selection of "related" legendary figures linking them to other regions and eras- a great stepping stone for further research! 

Monster Roster II: Arctic Anomalies is a robust showcase of icy encounters to liven up your play sessions and provide a rich cast of possible antagonists to surprise and challenge your players.  The Arctic Anomalies vary greatly in difficulty, scope of power, temperament, goals, and abilities, giving GMs fun and exiting new ways to get those narrative hooks that leave PCs recounting their RPG war stories forever.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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