The First (of hopefully many) Monster Rosters is Here!

Monster Roster is here for all you Dungeon World encounter needs!

The Monster Roster is an idea I came up with while trying to organize my favorite encounter types.  I realized that organizing them by biome or mood made them easier to find and helped me to break away from more commonly used and sometimes expected monsters.  

If you are familiar with my work in The Wyrd of Stromgard you know that I have a deep obsession with "real" lore and that love is what guided my curation of the inaugural volume of Monsters.   Most of you know that I live in the desert myself and I was eager to use the Monster Roster as an excuse to show off my current homeland, so to speak.  The beings in Desert Denizens are all figures from real cultures both those lost to time and those still with us today.  You'll find lore from the Middle East, North American Southwest, Mesopotamia, Persia, Assyria, Mexico, Egypt and more.  Each entry has data regarding their legendary origins, other mythical figures that are related in some way, and lore written in a way that you can simply transplant into your own fantasy realm, whatever it may be.

This volume contains 15 "monsters" and I use quotations here because that may be a slightly rude way to refer to most of these beings- they're not necessarily stupid beasts frothing at the mouth and brimming with aggression- though a few of them certainly are.  Some of them are wily and devious, full of predatory charisma and only looking to benefit, others are downright reasonable and could entertain an in-depth parley.  It's all on how you play the game and how the PCs move in tandem with these larger-than-life mythical figures.

Currently, I hope to make more of these... I have notes for an Arctic, Open Ocean, Youkai, and a parody set (full of off-the-wall monsters that will certainly be unexpected at your table) but at this point, community interest will be the deciding factor in whether I can pursue further titles.  If they sound interesting to you, please consider checking out Monster Roster I: Desert Denizens and let me know what you think!

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